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Hispana Spanish Language School (promoted by Hispana Idiomas) is a Peruvian organization based in Lima which aims to meet the highest standards in teaching Spanish as a second language with a focus on Latin-American and Peruvian culture and in promoting language tourism in Peru among our international students.
Hispana Idiomas was legally incorporated in 2004 and is licensed and certified by the local Municipality and the National Institute for Civil Defense to operate as a language school. 


To facilitate the study of the Spanish language by way of immersion and promotion of Peruvian and Latin American culture through:

  • Communicative based methodology classes with a strong academic foundation
  • Socio-cultural activities that maximize contact with the local culture
  • Accommodation with Peruvian families, if desired


Our philosophy as a cultural center specializing in Spanish and Latin American culture is based on the following principles:

  • High academic standards and specialization in the Spanish language.
  • Friendly environment in a multi-cultural setting.
  • A "learn by doing" approach - practice and live the Spanish language in real communication situations.
  • Personalized service and flexible schedules.
  • We maximize the student's immersion not just in the language but also in the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries.

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