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Medical Spanish

The Medical Spanish Course at Hispana Spanish School in Lima, Peru has been created for Medical and Health Sciences professionals who need to improve their communication with Hispanic patients and use medical terminology correctly at

their workplaces.


  • Familiarize students with Spanish medical terminology and the respective grammar. 
  • Improve reading comprehension of medical documents and texts. 
  • Improve students' oral and written communication with Hispanic patients and medical staff. 
  • Familiarize students with medical processes in Spanish speaking
  • Duration : 30 hours minimum (1 week)


The Medical Spanish Program has 2 levels:

  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

Course content:

  • Basic protocol for primary health care
  • Patient examinations
  • Doctor-patient communication
  • Medical History / Patient documentation
  • Emergency services
  • Consultations with specialists
  • Cultural influence and traditional Andean medicine 
  • Health systems in developing countries
  • Services in rural medical centers 
  • Resources: Authentic material (medical forms, analysis and test results)


You must:

  • Be a student or graduate of a professional Medical or Health Services program (you will need to show accreditation).
  • Have an Intermediate level of Spanish (a placement test will be taken).

To receive more information about this course write to  registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com

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