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The Study Abroad Program Spanish Course is a special program created by Hispana -Escuela de Español y Cultura- for international students of US colleges or universities. Our Spanish course follow a Communicative Methodology which includes grammar and structures, communication and oral skills, writing, pronunciation, Pragmatics and intercultural awareness skills organized in six levels of studies (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2) according to the Study Plan of Cervantes Institute and adapted to the Latin American variant of Spanish language.

  • Spanish courses available in six levels of studies (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2) according to the European Common Framework for Languages and the Study Plan of Spanish language proposed by Instituto Cervantes and adapted to Latin American Standard Spanish contents and sociocultural aspects.
  • We can also organize the Spanish course according to the Academic Plan proposed by the client institution /Spanish teacher of the group.
  • The program can include pedagogical, cultural and tourist topics and contents exclusively designed for the client institution or group of students.
  • Your students can enroll in the Study Abroad Program in Lima, Peru of any duration. We can help your institution design your own study abroad program in Peru according to your specific needs: you can combine Spanish Language and Academic courses for academic credit with adventure and travel or with volunteering and internship. Just contact us and our academic advisors will be happy to assist you.


  • 20 hours of Spanish Immersion course per week
  • 04 additional hours of 01 elective course per week (optional)

You can choose from the following courses:

  • For A1 and A2 levels:
    Spanish Phonetics / Peruvian Culture I / Peruvian Culture II
  • For B or C levels:
    Spanish Phonetics / Peruvian Culture I / Peruvian Culture II
    Academic Writing I and II / Business Spanish, Spanish Literature

02 sociocultural activities per week. You can choose from the following:

  • 01 Peruvian cooking class
  • 01 Latin dance or Peruvian folk class
  • 01 excursion around Lima

Registration, course textbook, study materials and Certificate of studies are included.

Starting dates: any Monday, all year round. Otherwise indicated by the client institution, a placement test will be applied Upon registration to determine the study level of students.

What Hispana –Escuela de Español y Cultura- has to offer?

  • Outstanding academics at one of the highest ranked Spanish language schools in Peru
  • Experienced, well-rounded and passionate Peruvian teaching staff
  • Vibrant academic life with a diverse and international student body
  • A community-based learning component that enhances the study abroad experience by helping students become involved in Peruvian social, economic and political issues through community service and research with major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Lima (optional and for a period of at least 1 month of stay).


At Hispana we adopt a communicative and personalized approach to teaching Spanish, combining the latest pedagogical techniques to adapt to every type of learner. Our methodology:

  • Develops the oral skills and listening comprehension of students from day one.
  • Includes grammar, listening, reading, speaking and vocabulary.
  • Uses a textbook with the standard Latin American variant of Spanish and the sociocultural aspects of Peru and South America as well as materials and teaching resources that are meaningful and interesting for students.
  • Combines theory and practice, sociolinguistic and functional aspects of the spoken language.
  • Involves active student participation in learning through a real immersion in the language and culture of Spanish speaking countries.
  • Prioritizes fluent communication at basic levels and correctness and precision in the highest levels.
  • Combines different techniques to suit the learning style of the group or student.
  • Encourages intercultural awareness that leads to the development of positive relationships with the Spanish speaking world.


The Homestay Program with a Peruvian family

  • Staying with a Peruvian family will give you the opportunity to enjoy Peruvian hospitality, practice your Spanish, learn more about Peruvian cultural life as well as enjoying delicious Peruvian homemade cooking twice per day (you should inform the family whether you prefer your two meals to be breakfast / lunch or breakfast / dinner).
  • Our families are located in Miraflores, at a close distant to the school
  • Hispana arranges housing with a carefully selected host family
  • Only one student per each host family for maximum cultural and language integration
  • The program fee includes two meals a day Monday through Sunday

To receive more information about this course write to registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com
To register online click here: http://www.hispanaidiomas.com/escuela/register.php

Excursions around Lima (during afternoons)

  • Tour to Miraflores and Barranco district
  • Tour to Lima Downtown + Colonial Churches
  • Tour to the Peruvian Arqueologic, Antrophologic and History museums
  • Tour to Pre-Inca citadels in Lima (Huaca Pucllana, Huaca Huallamarca)
  • Tour at night to Water Fountains park in Lima
  • Tour to Callao islands

Trips around Peru (Cusco, Peruvian Amazon rainforest, other cities)

  • Airport transfer in and out of Lima
  • Host family (single room and full board) or student apartment (self catering) accommodations.
  • The abovementioned activities have an additional cost. Please indicate if you also want a quotation for these services.

To receive more information about this course write to registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com
To register online click here: Register now

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