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Spanish writing

Improve your writing skills in Spanish and practice the most common types of professional writing. This course is aimed at those in need of refreshing, updating, and practicing the principles and norms for a correct, efficient and effective writing style recommended by the Real Academia Española (Spanish Royal Academy) and currently used in the professional environment.


Know the differences and writing style for formats including administrative, commercial, formal and informal writing in Spanish.

Apply the principles for a correct, efficient and effective professional writing style in the Spanish language.

Course Levels

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

Course contents

  • Standards and rules for constructing sentences in Spanish language (Spanish syntax)
  • Frequent orthographic and grammar mistakes. Exercises that help in the detection of mistakes. Detection of mistakes exercises.
  • A refresher in Spanish accentuation, punctuation and use of capital letters.
  • Practical advice on how to achieve a good writing style in Spanish (formal and informal).
  • Writing practice for different types of texts: Business correspondence, business reports, emails, among others.
  • Proofreading exercises. Writing and proofreading assignments.



The course is completely practical and includes writing exercises and correction.


Intermediate level of Spanish is required (equivalent to DELE Inicial, for the Intermediate course, or equivalent to DELE Intermedio for the advanced course). A written exam will be taken.

To receive more information about this course write to  registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com

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