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General Translation Workshop (For non-native speakers of Spanish)

Improve your translation skills into Spanish on a wide variety of subjects such as texts of political, social, cultural or general interest as well as texts about Latin American life, culture, and institutions. Attention will be focused on precision in meaning, style and professional translating standards. Designed for beginners at an introductory level to experienced translators.


  • Provide practical guidance in translation of general documents into the Spanish language. 
  • Improve your all-round proficiency in translation into Spanish.
  • Generate quality translations from English into Spanish that observe the syntactic, grammatical and stylistic peculiarities of the source and target languages.


  • Introduction to general translation from English to Spanish. 
  • Principles and Methodology of Translation
  • Structural differences of English and Spanish language and text analysis
  • General essay writing & composition
  • Cumbersome Aspects of Written Spanish: Spanish accentuation, capital letter use, and punctuation. Update on new orthographic rules of the Royal Academy of Spanish language.
    Noun-verb agreement, common grammar mistakes, among others. 
  • Spanish vocabulary expansion, grammar & usage
  • Idioms, Anglicisms, false cognates, neologisms. 
  • Analysis of the different language texts: legal, technical-scientific, literary, etc
  • Quality control process of translations: revision, editing, proofreading.
  • Internet resources and bibliography for translators
  • Translation Assignments


The approach will be hands-on and practical. Students are expected to prepare a written translation of a new text daily which will be discussed and corrected in class. The courses are taught by native speakers of the Spanish language who are certified and practicing translators. Special guest lecturers from the practicing community often participate in practical exercises and activities.


  • 48 hours


  • Absolute mastery of the English language and a proficiency level of Spanish language (equivalent to Intermediate or Superior DELE exam). A written and oral entrance exam in Spanish will be taken.

Translation Internships

Gain initial experience as a translator at a local translation company. A certificate will be provided. 

To receive more information about this course write to  registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com

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