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Teaching Methodology

Teaching Spanish Methodology

At Hispana we adopt a communicative and personalized approach to teaching Spanish, combining the latest Spanish as a Second Language teaching techniques to adapt to every type of learner. 
Our communicative and personalized methodology permits the students to achieve their communication objectives rapidly. The emphasis of our method is on the oral and listening communication skills of the students in diverse settings. 

Students will learn the correct and standard use of the Spanish language, develop their oral and listening skills from day one and integrate the competencies of Communicative performance: speaking, listening, reading, writing. 
besides familiarizing with the many dialect variants used in Latin America, and principally, Peru. 

Features of Hispana Spanish Language School’s Methodology:

  • Development of the Communicative competence of our students
    • Our teaching aims at developing the oral skills and listening comprehension of students from day one through a “learn by doing” approach - practice and live the Spanish language in real communication situations. It involves active student participation in learning by being immersed in the language and culture of Spanish speaking countries.
  • Learner-centered teaching
    • We adopt a communicative and personalized approach to teaching Spanish, combining the latest techniques to adapt to every type of learner.
    • Recognition of the student’s personal variables in the learning and teaching process of a second language (age, native language, learning objectives, among others in the small group as well as in the one-on-one course.
    • Use of different techniques to suit the learning style of the group or student. 
    • Use of materials and teaching resources that are complete, meaningful and interesting to students.
  • High academic standards and specialization in the Spanish language
    • Our classes combine theory and practice, sociolinguistic and functional aspects of the spoken language facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable Peruvian native-speaking teachers. 
    • Prioritizes fluent communication at basic levels and correctness and precision in the highest levels.
  • A close link between language and culture, we offer a true Immersion in Peruvian and Latin-American culture
    • We maximize student’s immersion and active participation not just in the language, but also in the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.
    • Students learn about the Social Language Use and Strategies (Pragmatics) of Spanish that will help them to use Spanish in real and diverse communication contexts.
    • Students learn about sociocultural aspects of Peru and Spanish-speaking countries and become interculturally competent thus developing positive relationships with the Spanish speaking world.
    • Our teaching methodology encourages intercultural awareness that leads to the development of positive relationships with the Spanish speaking world.
  • Our customer service approach is based on the following principles:
    • Friendly environment in a multicultural setting.
    • Personalized service and flexible schedules.

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